the gloves : Evolution of the norms and pictograms

Evolution of the norms and pictograms

The continuing development of materials and manufacturing techniques leads to an evolution of the standards and the pictograms.

The standard EN 388 for protection against mechanical risks, which dated from 2003, was extended in 2016 to high-performance protection against cuts and protection against crushing: see page 11. The pictogram of the EN 374:2003 “impermeable protective gloves giving limited protection against chemical substances” was abandoned in the 2016 version. Only the pictogram representing a flask with fumes has been retained.

The standard EN 374 for protection against chemical risks has been supplemented by tests with three further chemicals. From now on the gloves are divided into three types, A, B and C : see page 19. The pictogram relating to micro-organisms of EN 374: 2003 was supplemented in 2016 with a version containing the word “virus” which indicates that a fuller test of protection against viruses had been carried out and was successful, see page 18.