the gloves : Mechanical resistance: standard EN 388

Mechanical resistance: standard EN 388

This pictogram refers to the European standard 388 which specifies the resistance of protective gloves to six types of mechanical dangers:
a) Abrasion
b) Cuts with a blade
Specific resistance to shock is indicated by the letter P only when a reference test has been carried out. If the test does not apply to the protective glove which has been tested, or has not been carried out, the letter X appears in place of the number.
c) Tearing
d) Perforation
Under the pictogram appear numbers or letters which indicate the resistance to each of these four types of requirements. The resistance to the dangers a) to d) is defined on a scale from 0 to 4 or 5.
e) Cuts with a blade with pressure (new in 2016). Very high resistance to cuts is defined by a specific test (cutting test with progressively harder pressure) which goes from A to F (maximum)
f) Impact (new in 2016)